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We Want to Adopt
ICMinistries provides home studies for identified, private, domestic adoptions and international adoptions for Christian couples in the state of Illinois. An adoption specialist is available to help you determine what type of an adoption would work best in your family. Contact Us today to start that process.

After you have decided on the type of child that you are wanting to adopt you will start the Home Study Process. This includes Adopt Only training to become an Adopt Only licensed home. The Home study will reflect your motivation to adopt, as well as personal characteristics and background, criminal history and CANTS (Child Abuse and Neglect Tracking System) checks, physical and mental evaluations, summary of training and preparations, parenting skills, marital relationship, home evaluation, financial statement, religious affiliation, comments by references, and the recommendation for the type of child that would be best for your family.

If you are pursuing an International Adoption you will work with the agency or individual that is helping you with the dossier preparation and the INS paperwork. This is submitted to your country and procedures vary with different countries.

If you are pursuing a domestic adoption you will prepare a profile/portfolio to be shown to birthparents. There are various places to submit this profile so you will have the opportunity to be matched with a birthparent.

In a domestic adoption you may be asked to pay some living expenses for a birthmother, as well as medical expenses for mother and child, and legal expenses.

After you receive a child there are post placement services to provide support during the adjustment period, as well as monitor the child in your home. A report is written to the court for the legal finalization.

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