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Unplanned Pregnancy
Yesterday everything seemed fine, but today you discover you are pregnant? You may be asking yourself these questions: What should I do? Who should I tell? What about abortion? Should I consider adoption? Should I try to raise my child?

There are a lot of questions you now face. This is probably the hardest decision you have made in your life or will ever make in your life. This decision will affect you for the rest of your life. This website is designed to start your research and help you to make those decisions.

If you live in the state of Illinois, Indiana, eastern Iowa, or southern Wisconsin, a caseworker can come to your home, or meet you at a convenient time and place to discuss these options with you. You may bring your mother, a friend, the father of the baby, or another support person with you, if you like. All information shared is confidential and there is no obligation to continue working with ICMinistries. These services are totally free of charge. This meeting will last one to two hours, depending on questions and discussion of the current situation. Contact Us to set an appointment.

If you are pursuing a domestic adoption you will prepare a profile/portfolio to be shown to birthparents. There are various places to submit this profile so you will have the opportunity to be matched with a birthparent.

If you live in another state we will be happy to refer you to an agency near you that can talk with you in person. Each state has different family and/or adoption laws and there may be specific information that you will need to help you where you are. If you live in another state, have looked through our waiting couples list and would like to consider placing your child for adoption with one of these couples we can facilitate what is known as an interstate placement. You will work with an adoption specialist in your state that we refer you to, and together this can be accomplished. Contact Us to get more information.

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