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Songs of Love (sc-288-05)

Program 1
Song of Love
To Know How To Love (Listen With Your Heart)
Love is Better Than Money
Jesus Loves You
Program 2
I Believe Love Is!!!
Love Your Neighbor
I Canít Live Without You, Jesus (I Canít Live Without Your Love)
Love Never Fails
Let His Love Fill Up Your Life
CD or Cassette, $10.00

Godís Symphony (sc-288-04)

Program 1
Godís Symphony
Love Never Fails
Holy Ghost Revival
Pray America
I Said A Prayer (Anthony Neaville)
Program 2
Only Jesus
Die to Live 
Blind Beggar
Spiritual Heart
Jesus Story (Anthony Neaville)
Cassette, $10.00

In God We Trust (sc-288-01)

Program 1
In God We Trust
Swing Down, Sweet Chariot
Hallelujah Square
Closer to You
Program 2
Love Your Neighbor
Help Me
How Great Thout Art
Letís All Go Down To the River
Heís My Best Friend
Cassette, $10.00

Gospel (sc-288-02)

Program 1
Gospel Cannonball
Medley: Never Grow Old/The Old Rugged Cross
Love is Better Than Money
Program 2
Song of Love
Iím So Glad to Meet You
I Canít Live Without You, Jesus
Iíll Fly Away
One Last Mile
Heavenís Gate
Cassette, $10.00

God Save Our Children (sc-288-03)

This book and songs deal with child abuse, incest, child pornography, molestation, alcohol, drugs, satanism, missing children, rejecting God, violence, and Americaís declining moral standards. It contains over 100 Bible verses and ministering truths. It also has over 100 ways to protect your family against social moral decline.

God Save Our Children by Arlie
Prayer Of An Abused Child by Anthony

Book and Cassette, $10.00

Pray America (sc-288-07) - Latest Release

CD Single or Cassette and Sound Track, $10.00

Songs I Sing (sc-288-06)

Hallelujah Frame of Mind
When Jesus Speaks
The Ark of the Lord
The Song I Sing
Holy Ghost and Fire
Daisyís Love
Mighty Hands of Love
The World Donít Understand
One Last Song
CD or Cassette, $10.00

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