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3D Animation : Transformers Fanaticon Contest

I have always had a deep interest in Transformers. I remember watching them, as a kid, before i went to school on the Bozo show (the Bozo show doesn't even exist anymore, but it was a kids show that was on before school started). I also watched them in the afternoons after school. I have a few of the toys still and am REALLY, REALLY excited about their return, especially on the big screen. This truly combines my passions of visual effects, animation and of course, giant robots. I really hope the movie is a big success; as well as, I hope to be one of the winning 3 in this competition.

Over the next few weeks, I will have daily updates that give a description of what was done during that day, with pictures and how much time was spent. I am trying to use this as another portfolio example, but more in-depth.

Software Used: Photoshop, After Effects, Blender


To create an interesting commercial for the upcoming movie while showing that I am a fanatic about Transformers. This competition will allow me to compare my work with other animators and compositors, get exposer in the VFX industry, get experience working on a real project and give me more examples for my website.

Below is a link to the commercial


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Park Grill

DEMO REELS: 1998 (8.8 meg, 2 min) 1999 (14.1 meg, 8 min)

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