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Daily Report

What Was Done Time Taken (hrs)

Modeled the grill with the charcoal brickets and the grate. Click on the links below to see the model of the grill, wire frame and solid. 45 minutes
(0.75 hr)

This has been a long one. I wanted to do this project to learn the node system in Blender for materials and textures. Well, guess what, I spent the day learning the system. I am pretty confident with it and can do what I need for now. Unfortunately, I can not use the nodes with Yafaray. I didn't know this!!!!! I do now. The only reason I had to use Yafaray is because of the HDR image I made for the lighting. I tried it in Blender but with no avail. I will have to put the textures together the old fashion way, with the layers system in Blender. 6 hours

Well, I have been working with Yafaray and Blender today. I got all of the texture layers made and ALMOST all of the looks I wanted. UNFORTUNATELY, AAAAAHHHHHHH, Yafaray is not COMPLETELY compatible with Blender. It does not except all of the different ways of texturing an object. So, it looks like I am going back to Blender. I have a light sphere system I made a couple of years ago and I will try to get it working with an HDR image. 8 hours

OK, I am back in Blender. I have the light sphere working and I am back in the node system. Click on the links below to see the light sphere, node system, and a rendering. 1 hour

Today I spent about an hour working and about 6 hours waiting on my computer to render. I am not complaining, I have a slow and old computer so that is the way it is at the moment. I have added textures and worked with the lighting a little. I found out that my light sphere was without a sun, that is kind of important. I think I have the lighting about the way I want it and some of the surfaces are getting closer to being done. I have some more work to do but I am getting closer. Below, I have a link to an example of the grill composited into the background plate, a link to the new light sphere with the sun and my camera highlighted, and a link to the light sphere I photographed to get my overall lighting color and intensity. I also found out that Blender 2.5+ is not backwards compatible with 2.49b. This means that I am forced to use the current alpha version of Blender 2.51. I think, as Homer Simpson put it, the word 'DOH' applies here nicely. 1 hour

Today was another one of those days when I spent about an hour working and about 6 hours waiting for the computer. Below is a link to the current grill. 1 hour

Total Time: 16.75

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