Digital FX Artist : 3D Animation : CSC 236 - VFX 1

3D Animation : CSC 236 - VFX 1

We're back in class. Unfortunately, I am starting off about 3 weeks late, so there's a lot of catching up to do. It looks like instead of being just a 3D animation class, this more of a compositing and 3D class. The first project right out of the gate is a VFX compositing project in which you have to build and animate something and then composite it into the scene. Since, Halloween is right around the corner, I put together a scene with a pumpkin which grows spooky ghost like legs then gets up and walks away and it is set in a grave yard in the evening or night. This should be a good challenge to start off the class right. At this point, I have nothing more to say on the project, you will have to wait for the summary and the daily reports for that information. Wish me luck!

Software Used: Photoshop, Maya, maybe Blender


This is straight from my instructor's website: Alex Jerez

This is the first part of your Visual Effects animation for this class. Every shot has to start with a concept and then it is followed by a series of tests to make sure that the shot you are trying to produce is feasible. This is what it is required for the this first part of the project:

  1. Design a sequence of shots (Max 4, minimum 2) that show something unusual happening. Your sequence can be about you playing with an ordinary object that starts a sequence of chain reactions resulting in total destruction of an element in the scene, or you can be a super hero saving the day from a meteor approaching the earth (I know! cheesy). Your sequence should be short (10 seconds max).  Animate your storyboard or create elements in Maya as placeholders for your actual sequence.

  2. Shot the plates that you consider you will need in your animation. You can use still plates or live action plates. Live action plates can be taken with a still camera or with a moving camera. Moving cameras can be challenging so keep the camera to the minimum amount of movement and rotations necessary. Shot elements that relate to each other not only in a spatial sense but also temporal.

  3. Overlay your layout objects over the live pictures/footage and create a pre-viz  animation showing the dynamic simulations fully developed and also the camera matching. (Notice that smoke and other effects will be created in the second part of this project).

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