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This is an example of some programming I did for my 3D Animation class. The programming is written in MEL or Maya Embedded Language. The purpose is to create a cave from a shader network in Maya. You use the grayscale values with some user input to lift all of the vertices on a flat plane along the vertical axis. I did it this way because I wanted to have the experience in MEL and because of my partner. They guy I worked with I had never worked with before, I did not know what kind of co-worker he would be and how we would get along. I did not know if he would be very demanding and want changes immediately, if not yesterday, or if he was a more relaxed person. It turned out, he was a great guy to work with. Having said all of this, I wanted a very easy way to make changes to the design and build of the cave. All I needed to do was use Photoshop and erase or add black or white areas to the overall design of the cave; then, use the shader network in Maya to add various patterns and roughness to the cave walls and floor. It did not work out too bad, I have a lot of work to do if I continue on this project. The walls need to be much rougher, having sharper edges and bumps. At this point I have no sample, in the future I would like to put one on the website.

Software Used: Maya ... Duh!!!


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