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Cover Letter, Resume and Portfolio

I created this as a display piece for my-self. I needed a new piece, cover letter and resume, that I could send to prospective employers. I wanted something I could hand them that looked professional and more colorful than the standard resume and cover letter, something that would get peoples attention and keep it, a presentation piece and this is what I came up with. The idea is to have the top half, the part that is upside down, fold down to make the inside of the tri-fold layout. You would then fold each part inward such that the part that says Digital FX Artist is on the front and is the first thing you see; while the part that has nothing on it makes the middle section. This would allow the person reading it to see the front cover first then open that flap to the left and see the cover letter, then open the middle flap to the right and see the resume in the middle; and finally, see the DVD and a brief description of each piece on the DVD on the left...WOW, that is a lot of describing. I like how it turned out, but I would make some changes though. I would clean up the logo and individual images and make one long image for the 3 headings for the inside of it, this would eliminate any offsets or subtle mistakes in alignment on the page. I think it worked out well, and I will be making a new one to go with my new website and DVD.

Software Used: Photoshop, Scribus (Open-Source Page Layout Program)


Create a great looking cover letter, resume and portfolio I could send to prospective employers.


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