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Photography : Class - Black & White

A few years ago I took a photography class during the summer. I had just been fired from a job and did not want to be sitting around; so, I decided to start taking class. The first one I took was this photography class. It was actually pretty interesting, it was an opportunity to learn how to take better pictures and since I was taking a 3D animation class in the fall; I knew I could use the techniques taught in this class in the virtual world of 3D. My instructor was happy with my work, even though, he wished I had done more of it. Below are some of the pictures I had done for the final project, which was a documentation assignment. We had to go and document some kind of event or object or action or something, whatever it might be. Since the fair had a car show, I decided to go and see the show and get my work done at the same time. As you can see, I took some shots of the fair as well with the duck and the Farris wheel. The pictures turned out great, my instructor was pleased and it earned me a good grade in the class (I think that was the only thing that earned me a good grade in the class).

Software Used: Since this was a --35mm-- photography class, we were not allowed to use any software.


Key Concept: Through photography, document an action, event, person, place, thing, ... you get the idea.

Procedure: Go out and document your subject using photographic techniques and your artistic abilities. Bring your film back to the lab, develop and print it using the labs equipment.

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