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Drawing : First Savings Bank

This is my first attempt at drawing for a company project. I have taken drawing classes in college, but that was a while ago and with pencil and chalk not Adobe Illustrator. I'm pretty happy with the results on this project and so is my boss. When they first hired me, they ask me if I could draw, I said I had taken drawing classes in college but that was the extent of it. To give me a good test they gave me the project of this bank. I started with a photo they had taken earlier, started drawing the major lines then gradually added detail lines and textures, then gradients for the glass in the windows and doors. For the shrubs, I used a scan of some trees from a drawing book. I paired the scan down until I had an image I could use, then overlayed it. If I was going to continue on this project, I would first get rid of the shrubs and redraw them with just outlines of the highlighted area and the shadowed area of each shrub. THEN (and yes that is with emphasis), I would add the texture, but just a little of it not nearly as much. I might clean up some of the lines so if we ever had to print this at high res, they wouldn't be noticeable off. Overall, I like it, especially for a newbie!

Software Used: Photoshop (for scanning and cleaning of the scan), Illustrator (for drawing)


Draw the First Savings Bank from the perspective of the camera shot given.

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