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3D Animation : CSC187 - Project 4 - Character Head

This is our 4th and final project for 3D Animation 1. I found on the web a single square of snake skin, using this as a backdrop, I painted over this in layers in Photoshop. This allowed me to change the strengths of the dark areas and light areas and move them independently as needed. I built the snake skin bump map in Photoshop as well. This is a tileable texture with each scale having two layers dedicated to it. One for the shape and angle coming out of the body and a second for the arch or mound. Some things I would change are the snake skin pattern on each of the snakes, they need some customizing for each snake head and body; I unfortunately ran out of time. The snake skin bump map can be changed to a spherical map; this will allow the scales to go back from the center of the face rather than go from one side to the other in the cylindrical map. Overall it turned out great, you can almost reach out and touch it.


** This information is from my instructor Dave Bock's website.

Key Concept: Surface Treatment, Texture mapping, Realistic surface treatment, Layered surfaces, Surface painting, Reflections and Refractions

Consider and investigate the various types of actual materials that might be applied to your object (i.e. skin, metal, wood, chrome, plastic, fiberglass, �). One of the goals of this project is realism. We�d like to construct an accurate representation of the surface treatment for the object.

Develop shaders that best reflect the finish and materials and apply to your object. Apply your knowledge of texture mapping, layered textures, reflectivity, and surface mapping to achieve a photo-realistic representation of your object.


Below are a couple of links that show you various images I rendered during the building of the project. These images are not in any special order, they are just for your reference.


Park Grill

DEMO REELS: 1998 (8.8 meg, 2 min) 1999 (14.1 meg, 8 min)

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