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3D Animation : CSC187 - Project 3 - Character Head

And as you can tell this is our 3rd project in the animation class. Just like with project 1 and medieval times, I have always had an interest in mythology and so I decided to build Medusa. I remembered seeing her in one of Ray Harryhausen�s movies, The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad. (I know he was not the director, he did the stop motion special effects.) Overall HE turned out very well. As you noticed I said HE, if I make any changes to the model, I will build a more female looking model instead of a male one. As for the snakes, I used a variety of different snake heads for reference. I took the characteristics that I liked in each and applied them to the one. If I had more time or did it all over again, I would add the entire body as well.


** This information is from my instructor Dave Bock's website.

** Key Concept: Subdivision surface modeling, Visual interpretation skills, Cinematic, studio lighting, Camera basics

** Apply visual interpretation skills to design a physically accurate and proportionally correct three-dimensional model of an objective subject. The subject reference can either be an actual, physical object or from a two-dimensional concept design (sketch, illustration, blueprint. Use subdivision and polygonal modeling techniques to accurately develop your subject with correct proportions, shape, and scale.


Below are a couple of links that show you various images I rendered during the building of the project. These images are not in any special order, they are just for your reference.


Park Grill

DEMO REELS: 1998 (8.8 meg, 2 min) 1999 (14.1 meg, 8 min)

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