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3D Animation : CSC187 - Project 2 - Abstract

This was our second project in the Animation 1 class. We were required to use NURBS and all of the texturing and colors we wanted but no polys. I was inspired by some of the other students in the class and what they were producing for project 2 as well as a number of TV commercials I have seen. This is a very well balanced image, it keeps your eye moving through the entire piece. If I choose to make changes in the future, one of the things I would do is add some texture to the background. I feel like it needs something, it seems to bland or plain. Other than that it is fine and finished.


** This information is from my instructor Dave Bock's website.

** Key concepts: Organic, active, shapes in nature, Asymmetry or crystallographic composition, NURBS modeling techniques, Color and emotional response, Surface variation through mapping.

** Explore and identify an interesting, organic, and active object found in nature (i.e. seashell, plants, acorns, �, avoid humanoid-like shapes). Using your object as inspiration, model an abstract, non-objective three-dimensional shape with form that is interesting to view from any angle using NURBS modeling methods.

** Design an asymmetrical or crystallographic composition using multiple copies of your model. Each copy does not need to be exactly like the others. Arrange and shade your shapes to create continuous eye movement throughout your composition using design elements such as line, shape, scale, proportion, balance, color, and tone. Your composition should not have any strong focal points drawing the eye to any specific areas. Create contrast to avoid any strong focal points or areas of emphasis. The viewer�s eye should continuously circulate within your image.


Below are a couple of links that show you various images I rendered during the building of the project.
These images are not in any special order, they are just for your reference.


Park Grill

DEMO REELS: 1998 (8.8 meg, 2 min) 1999 (14.1 meg, 8 min)

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