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Compositing : Hospital

This is an Illinois hospital that wanted a new sign structure with a LED message center in it. It was my job to place a representation of the message center in the original drawing below. As I always try to do, I try to improve on a project whenever I can; so, I built the sign structure in 3D and composited it into the shot. It turned out pretty well, I am in debate if the structure needs to be slightly darker or not and YES, I know the flowers don't overlap the structure, but that is the way the original image is, so I left it. Overall, I am happy with it and am ready to do the next one.

Software Used: Photoshop, Blender 3D (As you can tell, I use various 3D programs)



Below is a link that shows you the layers I used in
Photoshop to blend the 3D element into the background image.


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