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Compositing : Hadlock Field's WatchFire Sign

This is a project I worked on at Tim-O-Matic®, a company that creates light-up LED signs and that I am interning with through the summer of 2005. This was the first time I had a chance to work on an actual compositing project where I had to make the sign look different than it really is. The purpose is to give the client an example of what the sign would look like in the place it will be with messages on it with the goal to make it look as real and as good as possible. I really enjoyed working on this because of my interest in compositing. One thing you will notice is that there is a pattern on the actual message itself. This is intentional. It gives the client a better example of what the sign will look like when we get the sign done. As far as making changes goes, I would work on the edges of the message images in Photoshop and clean them up so they integrate into the sign edges better. The far right side of the sign looks the most real with both hooks and base, I think it worked out beautifully and the project was a smashing success.

Software Used: Ignite(Proprietary software used and created by Time-O-Maticís® for their WatchFire® Signs), Photoshop


Make 3 sign messages (examples). Create a composite with the 3 messages and the sign. Make it look like the messages are really on the sign board.



Below is a link that show you various images I rendered during this project. These images are not necessarily in any special order, they are just for your reference.


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