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Image Manipulation : Bank

Once again another compositing project. I wanted to get some more experience on image manipulation. On this one I had to take out the street light so you can see what the sign will look like on the building behind it. This turned out pretty well, I have a few things I would like to change on it. One is the shadow of the street light on the road, you can't have a shadow without an object now can you. Another thing is the reflection images in the glass of the bank. I used one of the other windows to remove the street light post; what I really needed to do is use a completely different image, try to find something else that would look like it might be in the same area as the other reflections in the other windows. Overall I am happy with it.

Software Used: Photoshop, After Effects



Below is a link that shows you how the image was composited together and the layers I created for it. These images are in order from bottom to top.

Quicktime-Link Windows Media-Link

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